TOE FO'I: The Return 

March 20 – August 21, 2022

This is a community exhibit in collaboration with 5 Pasifika artists engaging the power of storytelling to humanize the numbers behind those lost to COVID-19.

The exhibit builds upon a series of story-circles held earlier this year, which reminds visitors that the stories of those lost are the stories of those who survived. Toe Foʻi: The Return is anchored to the role of artists as healers who move us collectively through this hurdle of misinformation, fear, mistrust, and entitlement.

“This process recognizes and elevates our Pasifika artists as storytellers, culture bearers, and healers. It in itself is a return back to indigenous ways of healing,” says Kiana “Kiki” Rivera, Guest Curator.


Toe Foʻi: The Return brings the voices of the community through multidisciplinary art forms. Featuring works by:

Melodie Bergquist-Turori, Ālaoi'a Moni Pili, Roldy Aguero Ablao, Mariquita “Micki” Davis, and Jason “JP” Pereira. In addition, an exterior installation entitled Hoʻokahi (Hawaiian word meaning “to make one”) also created by JP is a visual story of holistic wellness and resilience.

Toe Fo'i: The Return Memorial Wall

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About Kiki Rivera, Guest Curator

As a Storyteller for Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC), Kiki Rivera helps fulfill EPIC’s mission to advance social justice by developing and implementing narrative change strategies. They use creative skills to build political will for the organization’s advocacy agenda and expand its reach in the Pacific Islander community. 


As an award-winning theatre artist, educator, and arts activist; Rivera is among a group of grassroots leaders that mobilize resources to empower Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. Through their creative talent, Rivera amplifies the collective voice and strengthens the advocacy work of the community organizers. 

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This exhibit is generously supported by the Robert Gumbiner Foundation and Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC), a national organization that advances social justice.