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Te 'Iti Nei Te Marama 

September 2022- April 2023

A rising story, exploring the industrialization of time that has characterized work and rest as opposing forces. Industry values rest as a tool to improve productivity and efficiency, giving rise to a self-care industry that commercializes rest as an individual practice. Our ancestors were children of the ocean and islands, how did they understand what it is to work and rest in community?

Rest in the intergenerational conversations between Pacific Indigenous ancestor pieces, lands, ocean, and artists living in the diaspora. Expect shifts, moving within the space as we enter moon phases, growing to fullness toward a Living Handbook.

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About Melodie Turori, Shared Curation

Melodie Turori was born in Aotearoa and raised on Luiseño/Payómkawichum land in California. She is descended from the peoples of Aitutaki, Pukapuka, Sweden, and Germany. Through film and audio, poetry, and textile-based works, her research and multidisciplinary practice explores intergenerational layers of identity, relationships, and theology from the context of the Oceanic diaspora.


Melodie worked as a freelance multimedia producer for more twelve years, including experience in documentary filmmaking, radio, and audio storytelling. She is now adjunct faculty in the Cinema-Television-Radio department at Saddleback College, and the Director of Arts, Culture & Technology for the Pacific American Community Cultural Center (PACCC).


Melodie is also a co-learner in the Master of Arts in Indigenous Community Development program at NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community.

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This exhibit is generously supported by the Robert Gumbiner Foundation and California Arts Council Impact Projects program.


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